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Icon ie  How to install Video Downloader for Internet Explorer on Windows XP

Problems with the download? Please use this direct link

1. Execute the video downloader installer

Click on Run to execute the setup.
By clicking on Save, you can also save the installer on your computer, and run it later.

Ie xp warning01

2. The installer is downloading

Ie xp downloading

3. Open file — security warning

If you see a security warning message, click on Run as shown in the picture below.

Ie xp warning02

4. Add-on setup

The add-on Setup box will open.
1 - Check the box to accept terms in the License Agreement.
2 - Click on the Install button

Ie xp addon setup

5. The video downloader is now installing

Wait few seconds, the video downloader is installing on your computer.

Ie xp installing

6. Setup completed

The setup of the video downloader is completed, you can click Finish.
You can also install the latest video codecs by checking the box.

Ie xp completed

7. The video downloader is now ready to be used !

You can now download your favorite videos from any tube site!
Use the Download button on the toolbar, or the icon at the top right of your browser, as shown in the picture below.

Ie xp ready