Start with Ant add-on

Ant add-on is a free tool that allows you to save your favorite web links on your profile.

To start bookmarking you only have to register your free account and install Ant add-on.

Register at

After you have installed Ant add-on on a browser, register at

After this, you can start bookmarking favorite web pages.

Search with

With you can conduct search both within the Internet (The Web) and the created bookmarks (My contributions).

In the left column you can find search results from all the web. Right column shows results of the search among your bookmarks.

Add tags to your bookmarks and save links with help of Ant add-on

Save your favorite links using Ant add-on. By clicking on the icon on your toolbar save and add tags to the bookmark. Tags will help you to find fast and easy your saved bookmarks later on your profile.

If you want to search only within your tags, you can do it by searching in the search field using keywords you added as a tag. Moreover you can use filtering to find needed websites by tags.

Check the added link at My Pages

All the web pages, bookmarked with Ant add-on, will appear on your profile. The profile is accessible from any device connected to the Internet.