How To Delete Cookies?

This article is going to explain how a user can delete cookies in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer browsers.

How To Clear Cookies On Google Chrome

To clear cookies in Google Chrome, click Settings Icon Chrome settings 3dd52454f741bbf4f261b6a490b42447429720e93ada6c79490ffd971c2bc03d  at the top right of your browser. Then select Tools then Clear browsing data (see Screenshot 1 for details).

Chrome settings clear data 748942719f689236802f4f3213b8d9c3b65f447f3bf7b4d76c1d333b3102bc39

Screenshot 1

This will open a new window where you have to check Delete cookies and other site data then then click Clear browsing data (see Screenshot 2 for details).

Chrome settings delete cookies e7ede743c67a9f6e17e0edf3472349c0f412d634d0e6c7e1d3079ad413a70275

Screenshot 2

How To Clear Cookies On Mozilla Firefox

To clear cookies in Mozilla Firefox browser, click Tools located at the top of your browser then go to Options, then Advanced then Show cookies then Clear cookies (see Screenshot 3 for details).

Firefox settings delete cookies b68f998b4a5d1ee6315f61a0eec6a43d90c6b290224920de7f4e1a4018c4e37a

Screenshot 3

How To Clear Cookies On Safari

To clear cookies in Safari, click Preferences then select Privacy then Details then Remove all (see Screenshot 4 for details).

Safari settings delete cookies 8a258a05d3655f6175329becc98d1abbed02dab0077bc381bee64b945dba4362

Screenshot 4

How To Clear Cookies On Internet Explorer

To clear cookies in Internet Explorer browser, go to Safety located on the menu bar of your browser then click Delete browsing history then check Cookies and website data then click Delete (see Screenshot 5 for details).

Ie settings delete cookies 46a3d9aa8afe60cc7a8648b857eb24cb89e00b29e0175bd87def99dc37941260

Screenshot 5