Your privacy matters to us

Recently, some of our Ant Video Downloader users have expressed concerns about the way we handle their privacy.

We take our users rights to privacy very seriously. We would therefore like to address these questions and clarify our privacy policies and processes here and in the coming weeks.

What is AntRank?

AntRank is a feature that comes with the Video Downloader add-on, which ranks websites for users. The feature provides an accurate ranking analysis for website traffic so that users can see the popularity of the website they are browsing.

How does it work?

When you visit a website, the AntRank feature fetches the website rank from our server and displays it at the bottom of your browser for you to see the popularity of the website. Our system also records your new visit and other user visits to compute up-to-date site rankings.

Like other popular web analytics services, we add a GUID to help identify unique visitors per website to ensure accurate website rankings. This eliminates inaccurate ranking data that may come from websites that use robots to artificially boost their rank, or unique users visiting the same website multiple times. For more information on how standard unique visitor analysis works see

Tracking browsing habits is a standard practice, and that is what Google, Microsoft, Alexa, Amazon, Compete and most ISPs have been doing for many years in order to develop and enhance their services for users.

Our data policy

We do not sell or make data available to third parties. We have no intention of ever selling or making data available to others in any form. We only use these data to improve our user experience.

The biggest Internet Companies:

  • Sell your personal data to third parties, we don't.
  • Use (and forward) your personal data to provide you with targeted advertisements, we don't.
  • Optimize their revenue by using re-targeting cookies, we don't.

Please see our original privacy policy.

At this time, if you wish to opt out from sending data you need to do the following

  • For Video Dowloader for Mozilla Firefox:
    Click on the icon > go to “Preferences” > “Privacy options” > select privacy options
  • For Video Downloader for Internet Explorer:
    Click on the icon > select “Turn off Ant Rank”

Please, note that in our latest Mozilla release, disabling these checkboxes will make your add-on quiet, but not silent. We will keep collecting "heartbeats" which are daily messages that let us know how many people actively use our add-on. We are working on the feature for our users to opt-out this option as well.

Reality Check Networks

Comments regarding Reality Check Networks (RCN) being a third party that collects data are false. RCN is our hosting provider.
We would like to inform our users that RCN has no administrative authority over our servers, i.e. we control our own hardware ourselves.