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Frequently Asked Questions about Video Downloader

About the FAQ

Please read this FAQ section if you have a question about Video Downloader. If you could not find an answer on this page, you should contact us through our email form (you can find the link at the bottom of this page).

I can’t download any video. What is the problem?

You can download a video from the web page if it contains it. So, firstly, please, check if you are on a web-page which contains the video, and this video is playing in your browser.

If a video is detected and ready to be downloaded, you will see the 'Download' button active and the notice box popping out to let you know that the video is ready to be downloaded.

If you see that a video is on the page and it is playing, but you still receive a message that the video is not found, it means that for now we don’t support such video format.

How can I watch those clips / videos that I have downloaded?

You can watch the videos you have downloaded directly from your web browser. There is an embedded Player in Video Downloader. In order to play the video, press the 'Player' button on the toolbar.

For the Internet Explorer browser you can play a video directly from the Download Manager by clicking the 'Play' button there after downloading a video. The Player with the selected video will open.

How to uninstall Video Downloader?

Internet Explorer users: Go to your Control panel (Start button > Control panel), then Add / Remove programs > Ant Toolbar.

Firefox users: go to Tools, then Add-ons. You can uninstall or change the settings from there.

Is there a version available for Google Chrome or Opera browsers?
We are sorry, but for now there is no Video Downloader version available for Google Chrome or Opera. You can use versions for Internet Explorer or Firefox.
How to install Video Downloader on Mac?
You can install Firefox browser on Mac, there is Video Downloader for Firefox, but currently there is no Video Downloader for Safari.
How can I download a video using my mobile phone?
Currently Video Downloader is not available in the mobile version.
I’ve recently updated Video Downloader for Firefox, and I can't find the toolbar anymore. Video Downloader is now located by default in 'One Button' called 'Compact Mode' and located at the top right of your browser.

You can still come back to the other display modes which are 'Toolbar' and 'Status bar' by going to the video downloader preference panel.

Where can I find video files, which I have downloaded?

Click on the 'Browse' button on the toolbar, there you can find all the videos you have downloaded.

For the Internet Explorer browser you can as well:

  • Click the 'Browse' button in the right upper corner of Download Manager.
  • Open a particular video you have downloaded. Click on the 'Browse' button under the video you would like to browse in Download Manager.
Are videos downloaded to my hard drive?

Yes, they are saved and stored on your computer's hard drive. You can access them by clicking on the toolbar 'Browse' button.

How to download a video from the video page?

Look for the 'Download' button on the toolbar, clicking it should launch the download.

If the button is not activated, you may have to click the 'Play' button on the video in your browser first, so it starts to play.

If it still does not work, try closing the page, open it again, play the video, then click the 'Download' button from our video downloader.

Is the add-on / toolbar 100% safe?

Our add-on is absolutely safe. It was verified by trusted companies such as Norton and McAfee

Our code was inspected by anti-malware Spybot S & D too. We recommend using them on your system in addition to our add-on.

How can I delete the downloaded video? Can I delete it from the Player?

The new version of Video Downloader for Internet Explorer allows deleting a downloaded video.

  • If you would like to delete the downloaded video from your hard drive right after downloading, you can do it in Download Manager by clicking the 'Delete from disk' button.
  • If you would like to delete the downloaded video from the Player, you should choose the item you would like to delete, and then the red crossing button will appear at the right upper corner of the Player, click on it, the video will be deleted.
If there are several videos on the same web-page and I would like to download them all simultaneously, can I do it?

Yes, you can download all the videos located on the same page simultaneously. To do this, firstly, start playing them and then press the 'Download' button.

If a video is detected and ready to be downloaded, you will see the 'Download' button active and notice the box popping out to let you know that the video is ready to be downloaded.

I've got problems with a video playback. (For Firefox add-on only)

If you have any problem with a video playback, firstly, check if your Flash Player is up to date. Please, upgrade your Flash player if it requires updates. The Flash player itself, in most cases, requires embedded codecs.

If you still have a problem with the video playback, try the following:

  • For Windows: install K-lite codec pack or similar. You can download it here:
  • For Linux: the best solution is to read your distribution documentation to know how to install video codecs. The easiest way is to install mplayer and xine players. The majority of Linux distribution kits install codecs as dependencies for these players. For Debian Derivatives you, firstly, need to enable restricted repositories. Probably, you will need to add new package repositories to install specific codecs (e.g. Be careful with this solution. You should be familiar with apt to use this.)

Mac OS X has installed the majority of codecs you need by default. But if you have a problem with the playback on Mac OS X you can try to install DivX codecs from

How to change the directory of downloaded videos?

For Firefox users and Internet Explorer users of add-on version 1.6

You can change the video download directory target from the preferences of the video downloader.

You can go to the preference panel by Tools -> Add-ons then select Video Downloader and click on Preferences

This operation will not copy the videos files in this new directory, so if you still want to read your old videos with the player, you should copy them manually to the new directory (you can use the 'Browse' button to find the directory easily).

For Internet Explorer users of add-on version 1.9+

You cannot change the default video download directory. The default download directory is AppData\LocalLow\ (Windows Vista or Windows 7) or Application data\ (Windows XP) within user's home directory (which is typically C:\Users\ for Windows Vista or Windows 7, and C:\Documents and Settings\ for Windows XP).

Important note : Alternative option for Internet Explorer users of add-on 1.9+

However, for Windows Internet Explorer users, you can switch your browser into InPrivate Browsing mode, and in this mode you specify video download location (using 'Save as dialog') each time when you download a video. For more details see the article [How to use toolbar in the Internet Explorer's InPrivate Browsing mode]

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