Icon ff 9413e1e77e82e8b79cc48eebafdb8bfbad0ff7cc6a9cd3d3385cad6e5da61615  How to install Ant.com Video Downloader for Mozilla Firefox

1. Click on the 'Add to Firefox' button

You will find this button on the Mozilla add-ons for Firefox page

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2. Firefox security warning

It is possible that Firefox could block the installation. You will see a yellow bar at the top of the page, telling you that the installation is blocked. You must click on the Allow button, at the right of that yellow bar, as you can see in the image below.

Ff allow 16b4289d14165976c1558d44fac9349e9c772d667537810b090db6e00c3674d7

3. Add-on setup

Click on the Install now button to start the setup.

Ff install aac32ed7b1af25af12872186e163228b334efde2ca70af0d9d8da015ab4a2e44

4. Setup completed

The setup of the video downloader is completed, click on the Restart Firefox button.

Ff restart 17499b6f117c0d7d230c02d7ce41562ed011e72a9d0a028955dae7291f034270

5. The video downloader is now ready to be used!

You can now use Ant.com Video Downloader, it's very easy:
1- Play the video you want to download from any tube site.
2- Click on the Download button, located at the bottom right of your Firefox browser.

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